Release Your Inner
Child Meditation

Most of us lose sense of our inner child as we get stuck in the day to day rat race. Connect with your inner child with this simple guided meditation.

What I mean by that is the core is your inner 3 year old. This is you back when your memories were at zero. Most people have been interviewed and asked "What is your very first childhood memory? How old were you?" A large percentage would say: "3 years old."

Now, why is this you ask?

It's because at that age, we were just starting our lives and our minds weren't filled with social anxiety, the stress of life, money worries, or social programming. This is where most of us have blocked ourselves from being the abundant us we strive to be.

When we were 3 years old, we were abundant, no worries, no stress, playful, loving, fun, outgoing, and just wanted to have fun.

Being playful is abundance, being positive is abundance.

Over time we have learned and have been programmed to block that little person inside of ourselves. 

This guided meditation will help unblock the inner 3-year-old inside of you. Once that little person is unblocked, you can look forward to manifesting anything you want in life. It all starts with the inner core of who you truly are.

Unlearn your limitations and unlock the abundance inside of you!