Thank You For Purchasing the
Rebel's Guide to Spirituality Digital Package

compatible with ADE, Kindle, Nook, EPub Reader, Apple Books

compatible with Kindle, Sumatra PDF, FBReader, Cool Reader, Calibre

Once you download the link from dropbox send it to your favorite ebook reader and enjoy!
I recommend the Kindle App for ease of use.
You do not have to have a Kindle, simply download the Kindle App on your mobile.

Instructions on how to send ebook from Dropbox to your Favorite E-Reader
1. Open Dropbox app on your device, and select the options menu for the file you want to copy to your E-Reader app.
2. Click the options menu and "Export" then "Open In"
3. Select your E-Reader and press "Send"
4. Open your favorite E-Reader and Enjoy!

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