Open & Connect to Your Third Eye 

The key to your power lies in your intuition. The logical mind is limited because it only relates to the information that you already know from the physical world. Learning to go beyond the rational mind means accessing cues and messages from the Universe through the power of your intuitive mind.

You can learn to unlock your intuitive powers by opening up your Third Eye, which is the portal that connects you to the vastly of the Universe. 

Your third eye, or that sixth chakra that sits between your eyebrows and helps you tap into your intuition in a new way, has been around for as long as you have.

The chakra system is like the organ system of the energetic body, and each chakra has a function or purpose. Why is the third eye so essential for our energetic system? It helps us access clarity, intuition and insight. It gives us the ability to see beyond what is physically present in the moment. 

This guided meditation will help unblock your third eye and strengthen your intuition & creativity. Once that third eye is strengthened, you can look forward to manifesting anything you want in life. It all starts with your true connection.

Open your Third Eye & Strengthen your Intuition!